Who We Are


Meet the Owners: 

Angela & Asa

Eager to be settling into the Crossville community, Angela and Asa have some exciting things to bring to Grinder House! Get to know about the new owner's and see what they have in store for your favorite local coffeehouse

Let's get a little bit of background; where are you originally from and how did you end up owning a coffee shop?

Angela is a Georgia Peach, born and raised! Originally from the Atlanta area, Angela has lived and worked in North Georgia using her creative skills in the hospitality carpet design profession. Her work can still be seen in many high end hotels' interior design. 

Asa is originally from West Virginia, just south of the Mason-Dixon Line. He grew up in the coal mined and began his professional career as a land surveyor in the coal industry. After spending 40 years in the corporate engineering profession, he deiced to pursue his passion as a foodie and self-proclaimed coffee lover. 

Asa and Angela, after meeting and falling head-over-heels for one another, decided to find a way to work together so that they didn't have to be apart. They both shared a deep rooted love for coffee and hospitality. What better place than a coffeehouse for their next adventure together!

Coming from Georgia, how did you decide on Crossville?

After an extensive search they visited the plateau and fell in love with the country and the people. It's the kind hearts and slow pace of this quaint community of Crossville that has now captured their hearts. 

"You know, I think the most common phrase we repeat to one another is, can you believe how wonderful the people are in this community?"


The Future of Grinder House

To Find out what's in store for Grinder House coffee, new owners Angela and Asa have big plans, and Crossville is sure to be excited!

What are you most excited about bringing to Grinder House?

We hope to soon be able to bring fresh, locally sourced food to Grinder House! A farm-to-table model, that rotates menu items according to what's in-season would best describe what we have in store. We want to provide wholesome, fresh-as-it-gets food to a community that cares about where their food comes from, all the while supporting their local farmers. 

We are also going to begin serving local, craft beer and move to a small list of wines to complement our menu. We are a coffee house, not a bar, but we have received so many requests to pair beer and wine with our upcoming farm-to-table menu! What better way to showcase local breweries than with local food!

We also want to emphasize customer service, something that has all but disappeared in a lot of businesses today. "The customer is always right," is at the core of our mission and we aim to treat everyone who walks into Grinder House as part of our communal family. 

What are some things we can look forward to in the near future at the coffeehouse?

One thing we are thrilled about is that we're going to be showcasing local artists' work all throughout the coffeehouse. In addition to our open mic nights, we'll be hosting headliners on occasion! We are also really excited to introduce an event called "Cuppings," which will serve as the coffee equivalent of a wine tasting. We will present beans from different origins and let our community get a taste of coffee from all around the world. Along with that we are going to conduct some "Home Brewing" classes to help folks get the best possible cup of coffee at home with all those great roasts we offer in house!

Stay tuned for the announcement of Grinder House's Grand Reopening which will include one our "Cuppings" along with sampling of some of our pastry items to come!